What do we do

-Professional quality recordings across formats (CD, cassette, etc.)
-Media music production for TV,radio, and movies
-Complete arrangement, management advise, notation and transcription
-For singers, practical voice training (for screen and stage)
-Video production (management, recording, mixing, restoration)
-Promotional recording (for individuals and organisations)

What can we do for you?

Option 1 Mixing
For Artists and groups who want to bring their own recordings,we provide further mixing and arrangement services until they are satisfied with the quality of the material.

Option 2 Playback
Artists are able to bring their pre-recordings and record additional tracks which then can be mixed and integrated into the production of their finished material. Artists in these situations will have their own arrangements and notations and will bring their own musicians.

Option 3
Artists are able to bring their raw material and song ideas to be recorded from scratch with instrumentation in the studio.

Option 4
Artists brings playback (e.g. electronic notation perhaps in the form of midi), and we provide music production with mixing as necessary.

Please note I have tried to explain our services in music production at a basic level merely to emphasize the range of offerings we have to musicians of all backgrounds and levels of understanding. If you have any specific questions about what we can do for you that is not answered by the material on this site please do not hesitate to call me or send me an email. Contact details are available on our contacts page.


I work for various purposes with the following studios:
- F-Soundstudio Köln
- Jam Factory Köln
- Topaz Köln
- YHB Istanbul