1967-I started playing music in my school years. My first band 'Yaratiklar' played concerts across a number of Istanbul's concert-halls and night clubs.

1970- I joined the band “Cem Karaca and Kardaslar” and so began my professional career in music.

1972- As the lead singer Cem leaved the band, Kardaslar joined with Ersen. We went on to work together in this way for the next two years.

1973 - I formed a new band with Taner Ongur, Kilic Danisman and Mehmet Gozupek and we went on to become Dadaslar. Ersen continued to work with us in Dadaslar for an additional three years. In this period we also played with other musicians like Selda who we also produced an album of original material with.

I provided additional instrumentation and backup to one of Erkin Koray's singles, and also did stage work with Nukhet Duru.

1976- I went on to work with Baris Manco and formed his band Kurtulan Express new. I took Ahmet Guvenc and Kilic Danisman with me to play in his band. After leaving Kurtulan Express, I started working with Biricik, who was being promoted at the time by Orhan Gencebay.

Late 70's - I form a new group called Edirdahan and start working with Cem Karaca again. Our work together culminates in the production of Safinaz, the first Rock Opera in Turkey.

1979 - I moved to Europe, touring with Cem Karaca in several countries. During this time I continued to work with others such as Baris Manco, Arif Sag, and Ahmet Kaya. I stayed in Germany where I continued to produce music for musical theater and the Radio.

Late 80’s - During my transition in moving from Turkey to Germany, I produced an album called Fay Sahara with various musicians and singers. Some of my compositions from the album had been also covered by Nukhet Duru, Seda Sayan, etc.

Since the 90's I have been working from my music studio, producing music for myself and others in TV, movies, radio and other forms of media.

Fehiman Uğurdemir (2013)